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Allister Garage Door Opener

Allister Garage Door Opener

The most unique thing about the Allister garage door opener models is that they come with highly diverse options when it comes to the drive, rail and motor. The manufacturer of these devices is Nortek (formerly Linear). The company produces different types of security and opening systems including ones for overhead doors and gates.

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Allister Garage Door Opener in CaliforniaIn the past, the brand's line of openers was dominated by traditional chain drive units. They use a metal chain set inside the track for moving the trolley back and forth so that the door opens and closes. Now most of the brand's models can come with either a chain drive or a belt drive depending on the preferences of the customer. The belt works the same way as the chain. The difference is that it does not experience the same amount of friction and, therefore, the opener makes much less noise.

The rails available with the openers of the brand come in different lengths to match overhead doors of various heights. Most residential garage doors require rails that are 7 or 8 feet long. There are also ones that may require the 12-foot rails of the brand. All rails are made from rolled steel in order to be strong and to have a lower rate of wearing.

Most Allister garage door opener models are equipped with an AC motor. There are also ones that feature a DC motor. The DC motor uses an inverter to work with the AC power delivered by the electrical grid. However, it is generally quieter and more energy-efficient compared to its traditional counterpart. There are different horsepower options available including 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower intended for doors of various weights.

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