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Why doesn't my overhead door close well?

When the overhead garage door doesn't close well, there is usually something wrong with the garage door springs or the cable system. On some occasions, the problem is easily fixed by adjusting the limit switches on the opener unit, which determine where the door stops or opens at the floor.

Why doesn't the door open completely?

Garage doors might not open all the way if they need adjustment or something prevents them from reaching their full opening position. This will be the case of damaged garage door tracks, which would keep rollers from moving. If the dent is small, rollers will just make noise. If the dent is big, rollers will be stopped.

What does opener testing involve?

The tests are designed to check the safety sensors and reversal mechanism. The first test involves setting a solid object in front of one of the sensors while the door is in the open position. When you initiate closing with the remote control, the door should not move. To test the mechanism alone, you need to place a double-sided ladder under the door when it is open and then let it close. When it touches the top of the ladder, the door must reverse.

Do I need to put a lock on my garage door?

If an electric opener's already installed on your door, a lock should normally not be installed. Today's newer electric openers function as a lock making it unlikely for an intruder to open your door from the outside. Your door can also be damaged by trying to open it when it's locked. Some older openers, however, can be opened from the outside so check your door's operation first. To see today's newest models of modern doors and openers, look over our handsome selection, that lock with just the push of a button.

Can I add glass windows to my garage door?

Yes, if your garage is equipped with a sectional door it is possible to replace each section or panel with a different one. Compatible panels with different designs can replace your existing one. If you want to do a makeover and install glass windows, you can do this by replacing a panel with one that has windows.

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