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Clopay Aluminum Garage Doors

Clopay Aluminum Garage Doors

Unlike most of the brand's models which have classic appearance, the Clopay aluminum garage doors have a modern style and are part of the Avante collection. There is a choice between frame finishes and panels.

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Clopay Aluminum Garage Doors in CaliforniaThese doors have a frame made from commercial-grade aluminum with a thickness of 2.125 inches. This metal is very light and extremely strong at the same time. It is highly resistant to impact. The major advantage of aluminum has over other metals and steel, in particular, is that it is more resistant to rust and corrosion.

There are three types of frame finishes to select from for the brand's aluminum doors. The anodized finish is a layer of aluminum oxide. It works to provide better protection from the elements. The other option is powder coating which does the same. The patented Ultra-Grain paint also works as a barrier preventing air and moisture from getting to the frame. The unique thing about it is that it resembles natural wood when applied.

There is a choice between three types of panels. The aluminum panels are solid and have the same characteristics as the frame. There is a choice of colors, including light cherry and dark cherry wood. The second option is for the door to come with glass panels. They are made from strong tempered glass. It is possible to opt for insulated glass panels to increase the energy efficiency of the garage. The glass options range from clear and obscure to tinted. The Clopay aluminum garage doors can also come with acrylic panels. This material has transparency similar to that of glass, but it is much stronger. At the same time, it is also more resistant to scratching.

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