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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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The best electric opener maintenance

We call Garage Door Repair Canoga Park once in a while to check the opener system. We use our garage door a lot but we have no time or knowledge to inspect the parts of the garage door opener on our own. We actually trust the expertise of the company's teams. They always do a thorough job and this is apparent by the complete lack of problems in between services. They check all parts, lubricate the chain and it's also important to us that they give extra attention to the sensors. It shows that they really care!

Immediate garage door track adjustment

The signs were apparent but we couldn't see them due to our ignorance. We know nothing about garage door technical matters and trust Garage Door Repair Canoga Park completely. So, we called the technicians when we realized that the overhead door was getting too noisy and wouldn't move well up and down. It turned out that the garage door tracks were misaligned. The best part was that the problem was fixed the same day we called. Actually, a couple of hours after we called! This is what we call excellent service!

Top electric garage door service

Some people in the office were talking about garage doors and mentioned the name of Canoga Park Garage Door Repair. They said it was the best garage door service provider and so I got the number of the company and called them for a regular routine service. I just wanted to check out their abilities myself and I can honestly say that I was amazed. The technicians did a really fantastic job. My overhead garage door was moving much smoother after the service. The techs were polite, punctual and informed me about the condition of my door. I'll recommend them, too!

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