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Testing the Garage Door Reversal Mechanism

Testing the Garage Door Reversal Mechanism
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This is by no means a laughing matter and certainly Garage Door Repair Canoga Park has had to help people out on numerous occasions. It is important to ensure that the product installed on the property is of the highest quality in terms of its practical uses, efficiency, environmental credentials and safety. Problems can arise from the actual material used or the people that are getting through the genie garage door on a regular basis. Children and pets are more often than not the culprits. That means that training them in the proper use of all parts may be a necessary evil even when you don’t trust their sense of judgment.

The Role of the Sensor Eyes

Testing the Garage Door Reversal MechanismThese are located about six inches above the ground on either side of the jamb on Stanley garage doors. Normally you will see a distinctive green or red light. The purpose of these additions is to detect any movement, no matter how slight, so that they can stop the heavy duty frame from coming down. One can only imagine the disaster if a beloved family pet was inadvertently caught under one of those enormous Clopay garage doors. If you want to see whether everything is in good working order, put a small piece of wood or a similar project underneath the main structure before attempting to close. If the reversal mechanism is working then the door will hold back a few inches above the object.

Generally speaking it is a good idea to have updates such as a genie garage door opener because this means that during the process, you will be able to satisfy the safety requirements that came into force since the 1st of January in 1993. These features are not just for cosmetic purposes but they help property owners to keep their family safe. For example the liftmaster door opener is not just about keeping intruders out but also ensuring easy access or use.

That is why it is recommended that the testing of the reversal mechanism is part and parcel of any routine garage door opener maintenance. Indeed, this is an opportunity to deal with all those things that were neglected before. That is how many people in California operate. 

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